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Libby Rigby Memorial Ever Auburn

Endowed Scholarship

Harrison College of Pharmacy

Scholarship Information

“But Daddy I really want to be a pharmacist”, were the words that Libby spoke to her father when they were discussing college choices and careers.  Her father replied that Pharmacy was not a profession for a woman.  Those were the words spoken in

1963-64.  The Twins, Libby and Linda made the decision to attend an all-girls college (Greensboro College) in North Carolina.  They received fine art degrees: Libby in Music and Linda in Art.  Their parents felt this was the perfect degrees for young Virginia Ladies.  Libby had a music degree where she taught music, piano and harp in the public schools of Richmond and in Georgia. 
In 1983 she made the decision to go to pharmacy school and her fine arts degree did not relate to pre-pharmacy so she went to LaGrange College and got courses necessary to get into pharmacy school at Auburn University.  In 1987 she enrolled in Auburn as one of the oldest students to go to pharmacy school.  She became known as the “Pharmacy Mom” to many of the students in the school because she was the age of most of their parents.  After finishing her degree in 1989 and passing the state boards, she was offered a job as the chemo-pharmacist for the new West Georgia Hospice House.  Libby worked “under the Hood” for Hospice for over 25 years and later in the main pharmacy at West Georgia Health Center.

Libby passed away in North Carolina while attending the Georgia State Pharmacy annual meeting to get the balance of CUs to renew her licenses in October 19, 2019.  Libby’s love for helping people and her hard work enabled her to complete her lifelong dream. 


The Libby Rigby Memorial / Bashinsky Ever Auburn Endowed Fund for the Harrison College of Pharmacy was established in May of 2022 to honor Libby and her contribution to the pharmacy practices in the West Georgia area.  It will be available to a deserving student attending the Auburn University Harrison College of Pharmacy (HCOP). 


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